Body Defined: This is a total body workout.  Utilizing a “mix” of cardio interval training step drills, body weight exercises, and plyometrics.  This class is designed to improve cardiovascular strength(aerobic and anaerobic) as well as improve muscular strength and endurance.

Body Sculpt: A great whole-body workout designed to strengthen and tone muscles, may include use of hand weights, barbells bands, stability balls and more.  Every teacher puts their own personal twist into Body Sculpt.

Circuit: This class utilizes the weight machines in the adult circuit area.  A great class to teach you how to us weight machines properly and learn all the basics of strength training.  Commit to Get Fit.

Functional Fitness: Exercises that simultaneously use multiple muscles to improve muscular endurance, overall strength, coordination and balance.  A challenging, effective and fun full-body workout preparing the body for everyday real-life activities.  May include the use of stablity balls, hand weights and bands

H.I.I.T.(High Intensity Interval Training): A mixture of circuit and interval training incorporating the Tabata method which uses a repetitive pattern of high intensity workouts with brief rest periods.  This versatile class will improve tone and muscle function through cardio, strength, stamina and agility. Go at your own pace or push your limits to maximize your time while achieving your fitness goals.

Kickboxing: A high-energy aerobic class where you will power punch, jab, undercut and kick your way to fitness.

Power Pump: This complete and whole body workout brings the benefits of free weight traiing into a group exercise setting.  By progressing from one exercise to the next you’ll strengthen all major muscle groups.  increased metabolic rate will burn calories.

TRX Suspension Training: “Make your body your machine.”  Create resistance by harnessing your own body weight, using the “TRX” a total body conditioning tool.

U-Jam: An athletic urban Hip-Hop fitness workout thatis bound t get your heart rate up.  All ages & fitness levels are welcome.

Zumba: A very fun cardio workout full of rhythm, music and movement.  A calorie burner. 

ZumbaStep: A workout that strengthens and tones the legs and glutes combining the power of Step aerobics with the fun party-like atmosphere of Zumba. Increasing your cardio and calorie burning while adding moves that define your core and legs.


This original indoor cycling program is simply the best for an intense cardio workout.  It is a comprehensive training system that stimulates real cycling techniques.


Chi-Gong: A 500 year old, Chinese form of low impact exercises.  Deep breathing techniques, easy movement and visualization help develop inner strength to reduce stress while improving balance, range of motion and vitality.

Mat Pilates: A class with the purpose of developing two centers of control, the deep and lower abdominals and the mid back muscles, also known as the core or powerhouse. Improves body shape, posture, and general mind/body awareness.

Tai Chi: A mindful class using slow controlled movements and awareness of breath to help restore balance to body and mind.  This class requires concentration as you learn a series of steps to be practiced and improved upon over time. Chuan: Yang style of Tai Chi and consists of 64 movements.  Incorporates martial arts and focuses on kicks and punches, great for beginner and advanced students alike.

Yoga: A calm meditative practice that blends asana, movement, breath and relaxation to nourish and balance your entire system.  Build strength and flexibility while reducing stress.