Frequently Asked Questions

If I decide to join your club, do I have to sign a one year contract?

Yes, there is a Membership Agreement.  This agreement outlines our Administrative and House Policies which includes our Cancellation policy that states members are required to give a written 30-day advanced notice to terminate. Members are responsible for payment for the last 30 days of their membership and during this time they are entitled to use of the facilities.

If I join your club, will somebody help me with workout and the equipment?

The Front Desk will support you in general and fundamental questions about the equipment. For questions that are more specific to you and your fitness goals, we offer Personal Trainers. Click here for our Personal Trainers.

I have kids. Do you have Child Care and/or any Kids Exercise Programs?

We offer two programs, depending on the age of your child/children.  Click here for more information For the Kids.

I am new to working out and would like to try some classes. Which ones are good for beginners?

Our club welcomes all different levels of fitness to our classes. We recommend that if you have any injuries or specific questions about a class; feel free to arrive 5-10 minutes before the class to speak to the instructor.

Do you offer Automatic Payments?

Yes. By choosing your checking account, we will offer you $3 off each month on your membership dues; voided check is required.  The other automatic payment option is through a credit card, we accept all major credit cards.